About Us

by Singh Bhupinder

Once you try Welcome India Restaurant, you'll understand that we don't serve the typical ghee-drenched, oil-soaked, sodium-rich food you would normally find at an Indian restaurant. If you're looking for a healthy change from the ordinary, give us a try today!.
Since our humble beginnings in 2010 with a small space in Italy Welcome India's growth has been inspired with the passion to cook and serve healthy Indian-inspired takeout cuisine. Unlike other Indian restaurants, Welcome India was created with the specific intention to be different. We know many people love Indian food, but many of them dislike or are unaware of the commonly unhealthy ingredients that make typical Indian food taste so good. Our menu features items that use the healthy and aromatic spices, but leaves out the fattening ghee, butter, oil, and heavy cream.

Our team takes pride in the fact that we can provide our new and loyal customers with great tasting Indian-inspired food that is unlike that at any other Indian restaurant you frequent. We recognize that some people are still looking for the typical Indian food, and that's fine with us. Our disclaimer is that if you're expecting heavy, oily, unhealthy Indian food, then Welcome India is NOT the place for you. Our hope is that you'll join the growing trend that so many others have already discovered and you will try Welcome India as a unique alternative not just to other Indian restaurants, but to all other healthy food options out there. !

Come and visit us. We are open Monday to Sunday from [11:45 TO 14:30] [18:00 TO 23:30]

Thank You!